Monday, August 6, 2012

Allisa Galliomova JKT 48 - Profile dan Biodata Personil JKT48

Allisa Galliomova JKT 48 - Mova JKT48 Complete Profile and Biodata, Biodata Lengkap personel JKT 48 - Kali ini akan berbagi seputar biodata lengkap Allisa Galliomova JKT 48.

Allisa Galliomova JKT 48
Nama Lengkap :Allisa Galliomova
Nama panggilan : MovaTanggal lahir : 28 Agustus 1993
Gologan darah : O
bintang : Virgo
Tinggi Badan :162cm
Twitter @movaJKT48

A simple girl from bandung who really loves the color red and teddy bears. Starts her journey with the rest of JKT48 whom she called a new 'family'. With sweat and tears she fights her way to make a dream as an idol come true.

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